Karina Gladys Bravo

drakarinagbravo@gmail.com Cel.: 3413043316

I'm Karina G. Bravo, from Rosario, Lawyer, Mediatrix, Professor of Law and
Social Sciences; Throughout my experience as a Mediator among the Books
that I read was that of Nonviolent Communication; I thought it was wonderful, I started
to put it into practice in my daily reality and in my work as a
mediator and today doing the Teaching I do Workshops in my Space and in
Educational Institutions in order to spread this way of
communicating with empathy and from the heart.
I strongly wish that human beings have a world where peace
prevails over violence and for this it is essential that we unlearn the
language that through the years characterized us most of the beings of
This land, while learning a new way of communicating that
contributes to the well-being of all, I consider that Nonviolent Communication is
a good starting point.